Kirk Baltz continues acting in film, theater and television and has worked with such noted film directors as Chantal Akerman, Warren Beatty, Oliver Stone, John Woo, Kevin Costner, Quentin Tarantino, Taylor Hackford and Deniz Gamez Erguven to name a few. IMDb credits

Having trained extensively as an actor in New York City and Los Angeles, Kirk studied Meisner technique with Greg Zittle of The Neighborhood Play House, and Strasberg based work with Sandra Seacat, Tony Greco and Susan Batson…renowned acting teachers and noted members of the Actor’s Studio.

While teaching on going acting classes in Los Angeles and acting workshops in other major cities across the U.S. and abroad, Kirk also offers private coaching in LA as well as online sessions via Skype Internationally.

Kirk also does on set coaching for TV and film.

Participants gain a better understanding of the differences between acting on stage, on camera and in a casting office.

His Actor’s Intensive workshops have helped a great many actors, writers and directors to build strong acting technique, and tell compelling stories with clarity and conviction. His acting classes empower artists to fully be who they are while realizing their absolute potential.

All work is Meisner and Method based…using repetition, movement, sensory work, improvisation, writing, script analysis and varying exercises.

Read the interview with Kirk conducted by Rebecca Stay, script consultant: THE SCRIPT FROM THE ACTOR’S POV: A CONVERSATION WITH KIRK BALTZ

MasterClasses 2021

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In Person and Online Coaching

One-on-one acting lessons and coaching sessions with Kirk Baltz are now available to students around the world!

These sessions are 60 minutes and conducted on most online platforms.

They are for instructional use and can also be used to help an actor put his or her self on tape for an audition, working on set, and consistent training.


About Kirk

From the start of his career, Kirk Baltz has studied extensively in NYC and LA with such noted teachers as Sandra Seacat, Greg Zittle, Susan Batson, Tony Greco, and Penny Allen; who are responsible for the training (and in some cases the continued coaching), of such actors as Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, Shia Labeouf, Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, Mickey Rourke, Jesicca Lange, Harvey Keitel and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He has appeared in such television shows as: Snowfall, NCIS, 24, The Shield, Without A Trace, Will and Grace, and NCIS:Los Angeles and such noted features as Bulworth, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs (as “Officer Marvin Nash”), Dances With Wolves and Taylor Hackford’s Parker. Kirk recently appeared in Deniz Erguven’s “Kings”, Alan Watt’s film “Interior Night”, and the critically acclaimed short films “The Armoire” written and directed by Evan Cooper as well as “Demon” written and directed by Caleb Slain. He will be appearing in the upcoming feature “The Will O Wisp” by Evan Cooper as well as "Wrong Reasons" written and directed by Josh Rousch.

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  • Kirk's way of working is not only easy to comprehend, but extremely effective.
    Danny Nucci
    Danny NucciActor/Director
  • Kirk Baltz is the guy to go to, when you're really committed to learn about Meisner, Method and acting as a whole. Kirk is one of the few acting teachers you can fully trust. He has an amazing amount of love, patience and empathy for his students. He gave me a deeper understanding of myself as an actor and my craft. Don't miss the opportunity to work with him.
    Michael Kuehl
    Michael KuehlActor
  • Kirk immediately creates a safe and comfortable environment filled with trust and different techniques, helping free and truthful acting to arise. I highly recommend working with him.
    Amanda Collin
    Amanda CollinActress
  • Kirk instilled a confidence in me to let things happen in a scene as opposed to trying to make them happen. I carry this lesson with me in all the work I do.
    Max Greenfield
    Max GreenfieldActor (American Horror Story, New Girl, etc.)
  • Kirk Baltz is a director’s dream. He totally inhabits his character – capable of improvising brilliantly, immeasurably enhancing the director’s and writer’s vision of a role. His workshops are not to be missed.
    Taylor Hackford
    Taylor HackfordDirector/Producer (The Devil’s Advocate, Ray, Parker…)
  • Kirk is great at helping me trust my instincts, finding new ways to get better grounded while pushing me to experiment in a scene.
    Julia Goldani Telles
    Julia Goldani TellesActress
  • I have known KIrk since the beginning of my career as a casting director and hired him many times. He is an exceptional actor. It is no surprise that he is such an inspiring teacher and coach. He walks the walk. He is a WORKING actor who is using the tools of his craft daily. His devotion and passion to his craft are real. His real world experiences are invaluable. He is the real deal as an actor, coach and a man of integrity.
    Debi Manwiller
    Debi ManwillerCasting Director
  • Kirk Baltz possesses a blend of talents that include bravado, sensitivity and measured reserve. He has the range and ability of an accomplished acting coach.
    Clayton Townsend
    Clayton TownsendProducer (Funny People, Year One, Knocked Up…)
  • Kirk is one of the best acting coaches out there. He helps you connect with your character so that your performance is organic and truthful. Kirk is a true blessing to every actor’s craft!
    Joshua Leonard
    Joshua LeonardActor
  • There is no actor I know with more artistic integrity, love of the craft, and just plain know-how than Kirk Baltz.
    Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Philip Seymour HoffmanActor
  • Like most aspiring actors in late-1980s New York City, I was pretty damn sure I was the next big thing. Studying Meisner, reading Shepard, mimicking DeNiro. Then my teacher combined classes one day and young Kirk Baltz gave us all a rude awakening. This fresh-faced kid with a faraway gaze worked with a level of honesty and commitment that the rest of us could hardly grasp. Naturally, we wanted to hate him for it, but he was such good guy – wrestling with his own insecurities and demons, and incorporating them into his work - that we could only admire him more for it. His plum roles in “Reservoir Dogs” and “Dances With Wolves” were no surprise to any of us. Recently, when Kirk graced our show, the buzz about him on set was much the same: While everyone else was busy acting, that Baltz guy was living on a whole 'nother level. I must admit, that he now imparts wisdom and trade secrets to other actors makes me a little envious. Oh, what I’d give to be an acting student again, so Kirk could throw some of his magic my way. Advice to young actors: Run, don’t walk.
    Scott Williams
    Scott WilliamsWriter / Executive Producer “NCIS”
  • Kirk Baltz is a dedicated student of acting. His knowledge, sensitivity, curiosity and respect for actors and the work they do marks him as an invaluable teacher of our always fascinating craft.
    Sandra Seacat
    Sandra SeacatActing Teacher and Coach