May 23-26 in Munich, Germany: Masterclass

Are you tired of starting your auditions with unbridled nervous energy?

  • Get grounded

  • Speak with clarity and conviction

  • Get your character’s need met no matter what

  • Stand out from all the rest

The responsibility of the Actor is to dig deep and truly embrace a character, and then bring that person to life. By capturing the essence of your character you stop acting and your performance becomes authentic. You become authentic.

This workshop is built for ALL levels of Actors and helps strengthen process and audition technique immeasurably.

The progression is really quite simple:

Listen Fully… Let Go Completely… Respond Truthfully

We practice this first without text…then with text.

Movement, Relaxation, Sensory Exercises, Meisner Repetition, Improv, Character Development, and working with text will all be utilized during our 4 days together.

We are set free as artists when our work is not looked upon as a performance that’s „flung out there“…but as a courageously vulnerable internal experience that is released and shared. Together we will return to connection while taking the necessary precautions to care for ourselves and our community.


May 23-26, 10a-5p


Performing Arts Studio

Bergmannstr.22 (im Hof)

80339 München


Regular EarlyBird (until 25th April): 500€ |  530€ for all 4 days

Returners/Students* (until 25th April): 480€ | 500€ for all 4 days

*Returners: you have taken at least 1 workshop with Kirk at Performing Arts Studios before. Acting Students: please provide proof (enrollment ID) of your current acting school.

To SIGN UP please visit: 

Acting Workshop m. Kirk Baltz (L.A.)