Oct 7-8 GREER, SC: Beautiful Scars

Our calling as Artists is to be who we are. To unpack all that’s within. The bright and beautiful as well as the dark and confusing. Deep down we have an innate hunger to bring all of who we are into the light.

We tend to sidestep our darker aspects. We skirt past the sources of our pain, guilt, shame, and frustration. We reside in judgment and hide these wounded parts, distancing us from our humanity. 

It can be a disarming task to look at our “ugly” parts, but when we do with compassion, understanding and a willingness to play, creative freedom takes hold. 

A different kind of Trust is born. 

The shackles of “right” and “wrong” fall away. We let go of the need to label ourselves “good” and accept our flaws and strengths. The wounds we were once so afraid to expose become gifts that free us as actors, writers and directors.  They become our “Beautiful Scars”.

In this class you’ll explore your “strengths” and “weaknesses.” Taking this kind of risk brings change and grace. Our work then becomes transformative within us and for those around us.  

As a part of your prep for “Beautiful Scars” ask yourself which of these you might use to describe who you are.

Take a shot at owning your shit:

















Choose one you believe to be a “strength” and another one you see as a “weakness” or “flaw.” 

Ask yourself “are any of these “strengths” done in excess making them a “flaw”?” 

Journal how the two have manifested in your life. 

If you’re resisting one, chances are you’re being called to dig in. 

We’ll be doing scene work from the remarkable play “Skylight” by David Hare. DOWNLOAD Skylight.

Please read the play thoroughly in advance and gain a strong understanding of story line and each of the three characters.

Bring a paper copy of the entire play to class. No electronic devices and a journal and pen as well. 

As you lean into the work Imagine the possibility of Tom and Edward being a mother and daughter and Kyra being a young man. We will be working with these gender shifts in the assigning of scenes and pairing of partners.

The sooner you sign up and get started the more you’ll gain from our time together. 

Looking forward to breathing deep and residing unapologetically in all of who you are. 

With Care and Respect,



Oct 7-8, 10am – 5pm

Dove Light Studio

118 Victoria St. Greer, SC

2nd Floor, 2nd Door on the left.

Dress comfortably, bring lunch, water, a notebook and a pen, along with your big bad beautiful self and an open mind.

Remember to DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT HERE, read it in its entirety, and bring a printed copy to class.



REGULAR – $300

To SIGN UP, email Tara: