Mar 4-7 BERLIN: Breath and Sound…Be Seen and Heard

Too often as artists we work without using our whole instrument. During this intensive we will focus on bringing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves together to express our humanity fully and honestly. All of this rides on our breath…. not the shallow kind from only a portion of our lungs, but the full one we find low in our diaphragm connecting us to our deepest selves.

Here we find our truth without caring how we look and release all from within. The power of our entire physical being is revealed. The mind is left behind while instinct and intuition allow the text to flow with conviction and clarity. In essence we get out of our own way.

In this 4 day intensive you will let go of physical and emotional blocks through various exercises and scene study. You will discover the safety and power of your center.

We will be working with scenes from David Mamet’s “Speed The Plow” and playing with gender switches on the 3 roles. DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT HERE. Scenes and scene partners will be assigned upon enrollment to insure more time to be off book by the start of the workshop. The sooner you enroll the more you will get from this unique intensive.


Mar 4-7, 10am – 5pm

Dress comfortably, bring lunch, water, a notebook and a pen, along with your big bad beautiful self and an open mind.

Remember to DOWNLOAD “SPEED THE PLOW” HERE, read it in its entirety, and bring a printed copy to class.


Early (before Feb 7): 450€

Regular (after Feb 7) 480€


Early (before Feb 7): 430€

Regular (after Feb 7): 450€

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