Dreamwork for Actors

Dreamwork for Actors


Within you resides an unconscious realm of dreams. When lifted to the surface they make us whole.

Our dreams, images, emotions, feelings and movement spark impulses…the release of expression through
sound and gestures, gifting creative freedom.

Journal on “What feelings and emotions does the script bring up in you?”…”How does it change or affect you?” Scenes will be assigned 2 days before our start date. Dig in and get busy with reading, writing, journaling and drawing…making a full commitment now.

Join us for this four week class and explore the experience of dialoguing with your dreams at the heart of your Inner-Self and feel your Artist rise.

All communication will be made with the email used to register on PayPal or Venmo (Kirk-Baltz-1). When registering with Venmo, enter the amount, email preferred for communication, and note the course you’re registering for.

Stay tuned for new course announcements.

Course rate: $200