Many of us think dreams are complicated and inaccessible, when in fact our dreams often send us simple and direct messages leading to immensely creative, intuitive, insightful work.

For this class, pick a monologue from a film that you’ve worked on before or that you’ve always wanted to work on. Then, before the first class, complete the following dream assignment. During the class we will work with elements from your dreams to enliven your monologue. The process will be rooted in dreamwork, character development, and presentation.



Before you go to sleep, write the following letter to yourself:


Dear Inner Self,

If it is your will, please reveal to me in a dream tonight what you would like me to know about (character’s name) monologue from the film (Title of film) by (screenplay writer’s name) so that I may work on this role in a way that will bring me closer to you.

With Care and Respect,

(Your name)

P.S. Please help me to remember and write down my dream when I wake up.


Leave a pen and notebook by your bed. First thing when you wake up, write down all aspects of your dream that you can remember.

Please also consider doing a painting or a drawing of your dream. It can be of the dream in its entirety, or images/elements from the dream that speak to you. Have it with you for our first class together.

A very exciting bonus is that for this workshop I will be joined by Naty Bienvenu, who will be facilitating breath work and relaxation. Naty is a Hatha/Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher, certified with Yoga Alliance and also holds a Yoga Anatomy certificate from Yoga Medicine.

This class is for all levels of actors, and both those who are familiar and unfamiliar with dreamwork.

Looking forward to seeing you in our dreams,

Kirk and Naty


October 22-23, 10am-5pm

Modo Yoga Paris

21 boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011 PARIS

**Participant number is limited.


EARLYBIRD (until Oct 1): €250


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