June 21-July 12 Online Class: Master Cold Reading

In this four week online class you’ll get out of your own way, be in the moment while connecting to a scene partner and reading copy. Sound like too many balls in the air at once? Not at all. It’s called cold reading with confidence and is the foundation for strong self tapes.

When you get an audition, don’t rush to try and memorize the text, that’s not what it’s about. We think that’s going to give us relaxation, confidence, focus…help us to be free. It doesn’t. It gives us stress and puts us in a box. When you rush to memorization you’re memorizing patterns and a blueprint of the way you “think” the scene “should” be done.

Read it, start to absorb it. Ask “what does the text want to do with me?” When I get me out of my own way the question then becomes “what am I being asked to look at in my life?”

Actor’s I work with on occasion ask “Do you mean my life or the character’s life?” There’s no difference. We all have conflict, it’s human nature. We’re lucky we do. It gives us something to work with. To dig into and be with. Same thing with the character. We’re all works in progress.

Let the text do you. What’s happening to and with me when I run it? Your click will be the same as the character’s. Don’t think about it, don’t analyze it. Don’t use “oh this is the character, and this is me…blah blah blah.” That’s a defense mechanism keeping us away from what it is we’re meant to be working on and looking to resolve. You’ll come out the other side having done strong work and more of who you’re meant to be.


Truthful work happens when:

⁃You work from your gut

⁃You don’t second-guess yourself

⁃You make strong, simple, committed choices… trust they’re present, then let them go

We will be working with a rich selection of scenes from contemporary, dramatic screenplays and plays.

You will have the opportunity to work on a different scene sent to you and a different scene partner 48 hours before each of the 4 sessions.


Every WEDNESDAY for 4 weeks: June 21, 28, July 5, 12

Each 2 hour session starts at 10am pst  

This class is open to students worldwide. 

14 participants max



To SIGN UP use the QR code or click the icon below to open your payment app and send payment to the username listed

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Please include a note with your email and the course name (MASTER COLD READING).


> Set-up a Zoom account; practice navigating the site and use of your mute button.

> Make sure you are well-lit, have a non-distracting background, and there is no window behind you.

> Recording of video and/or audio is only permitted for personal use.

> Upon payment and registration, you will receive an email 24 hours before the start of each session with a Zoom link and password (Please do not share links and passwords).