Jan 13-14 SF: Meisner Magic…Building Strong Audition Technique

Pick a 60-second monologue preferably something new or something personal you’ve written. How do we deal with our anxiety, fear and insecurities? We speak out and practice what sets us FREE. Fill your 60-second monologue with who you are today, flaws and attributes.

There’s a tremendous difference between hearing things and really listening. We learn about this difference through the practice of the Meisner technique.

Through the work of Sanford Meisner, we learn “nothing is casual” and the stakes must always be high. When we listen with every fiber of our being to what and how something is being said, we respond truthfully from our impulses. We are filled with conviction and become unstoppable. There’s no hesitation. Impulses take the place of thinking and real doing takes the place of pretending.

Casting looks first and foremost for an Actor’s ability to connect with text and who they are working with. Our new world of self tapes and online auditioning is here to stay. We will take advantage of our being together in person to focus on and distill what needs to happen in order for strong self tapes and effective online auditioning to take hold.

Our foundation during this course will be connecting and creating with truth, conviction and clarity.

This promises to be a transformational workshop for Actors where confidence will be gained through risk taking, keeping things simple and living with integrity.

Join us and celebrate the work you have been chosen to do.


Jan 13-14, 10am-5pm

Eclectic Box

446 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA



Dress comfortably, bring lunch, water, a notebook and something to write with.


EARLY BIRD: $200 (expires 1/1/24)

REGULAR: $250 (after 1/1/24)



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