Weds in June ONLINE: Shadow Dreams

Many of us think dreams are complicated and inaccessible, when in fact our dreams gift us simple and direct messages leading to immensely creative, intuitive and connected work.

We all have a shadow side. When we’re willing to look at this aspect of ourselves with a curious and open mind, shame and fear fall away. We find new vibrant emotions and belief systems we can access in ways we never have before. A dark kind of playfulness peels away doubt and hesitancy and we lean into the work with a greater acceptance and understanding of who we are.

In this class we will work with a monologue of your choosing, then pair up with another actor and improv scenes while digging into our shadow sides through dreamwork.

Every “Hero” has flaws and every “Villain” has a heart. We all have wounds. In this class you’ll discover more personal freedom and self acceptance while building richer, deeper, and more truthful characters.

When we explore and accept the dark we find more light.


Please prepare this dream assignment and bring it on the first day of class.


Before you go to sleep, write out the following letter to yourself in a journal.

Dear inner self,

If it is your will, please reveal to me in my dreams tonight the shadow energy within me that I need to bring to consciousness at this time.

With Care and Respect,

your name

p.s. Please help me to remember and write down my dream when I wake up.

Write down your dream immediately upon waking up.

Leave a pen and notebook by your bed. First thing when you wake up, write down all aspects of your dream that you can remember. If you have no dream or just a single image, write it down or even just your first waking thoughts and feelings. Trust the process.

This is deep, yet playful work. Come with an open mind and ready to explore what your dreams have in store for you.

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Every WEDNESDAY for 4 weeks: June 5, 12, 19, 26

Each 2 hour session starts at 10am pst / 1pm est / 7pm gmt+2

Pick a monologue you’ve worked on in the past or something new…happy to offer suggestions if you need help choosing one!


Course fee: $250*

*If you bring a friend who has never attended one of Kirk’s workshops before, you and that friend will each be gifted $50 off!


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    • Set-up a Zoom account; practice navigating the site and use of your mute button

    • Make sure you are well-lit, have a non-distracting background, and there is no window behind you

    • Recording of video and/or audio is only permitted for personal use

    • Upon payment and registration, you will receive an email 24 hours before the start of each session with a Zoom link and password (Please do not share links and passwords)