Tell Your Story

Create self-written monologues and scenes that resonate with authenticity. Writing is a massive part of acting. It all resides within you.

Now more than ever, we are in a time and place where story telling is needed. We will be with or without family during the holiday season of the next few weeks. What are the stories your soul wants to tell? Stories from your lineage…what are your ancestors telling you? What are patterns you’ve broken or are looking to free yourself from?

Put it down on paper, speak it out and find that freedom….while helping others to do the same.

Tell Your Story.

Find an old family photo and tell it’s story on paper. If it slides to imagination and becomes fiction so be it. Where you go paint a clear picture with your words. Be specific. See and feel what you write. Let it have a beginning, a middle and an end…at least a beginning. Let it flow. Bring your writing to our first session and we’ll shape your work into a scene and/or monologue that speaks of who you are, where you come from and where you’re looking to go.


Four-Week Course…
December 8, 15, 22 & 29

at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 7pm GMT+2

This Course is no longer available.

Please inquire about private coaching for further training at Online Coach.

All communication will be made with the email used to register on PayPal or Venmo (Kirk-Baltz-1). When registering with Venmo (Kirk-Baltz-1), enter the amount, email preferred for communication, and note the course you’re registering for.

*Sessions are focused on self-written monologues and scenes, telling stories, and finding rebirth in our times of distress. You are the author.

*Limited to 14 Actors.


  • Set-up a Zoom account and practice navigating the site, along with the use of your mute button, to ensure a productive session for all.
  • Prepare your surroundings with a non-distracting background, make sure there is no window behind you, and be well lit.
  • Recording of video and/or audio is not permitted for any form of public viewing.
  • Upon payment and registration, each participant will receive an email 24 hours before the start of each session with the specific Zoom link and password. Please do not share links and passwords to ensure our creating a private space.