Online Class: Scene Study – The Sopranos

How do we step into a character that may seem so different from us without falling prey to “acting”, or predictable choices, or playing stereotypes?

How do we  connect and let go so that no matter what lines we’re given our work comes out of us from a truly authentic place?

This will be the focus of  Scene Study: The Sopranos

Gender roles are flexible in this class, so if you’re a woman who’s dreamt of playing Tony Soprano, or a man who wants to try his hand at a complex role like Carmela, here’s your chance.

So looking forward to the course having an international slant and how this kind of raw, yet playful text gets transformed into different mother tongues. 


  • Move from selfish to partner-focused acting

  • Trust your impulses (and throw away punctuation!)

  • Discover the freedom and clarity of truly listening 

  • Celebrate the ever-evolving nature of scene work

  • Root your work in the process, rather than perfection


Every Wednesday for 4 weeks: April 21, 28, May 5, 12

Each 2 hr session starts at 10am pst/ 1pm est/ 6pm gst+2

This class is open to students worldwide. 15 person class (max)



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  • Set-up a Zoom account; practice navigating the site and use of your mute button

  • Make sure you are well-lit, have a non-distracting background, and there is no window behind you

  • Recording of video and/or audio is only permitted for personal use

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